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I dunno about you guys, but whenever I see the edge of an Area in Maplestory 2, I just kind-of get a bit irk-some, I mean, like, the back-grounds just look so out-of place, I mean, they fit, but, I wish there was more less than that EDGE! It's like how Super-Mario 3D World/Land was made, it just seems kind-of lazy how they're not really doing anything to hide it, it just, eh, I mean, the game would probably require a lot more of your CPU to run it, so, it's understandable, but, still-- the game is still in Alpha, so, it will most likely get better.. hopefully, it doesn't matter, it just kind-of bothers me.

8 1224 Sep 2014



Tomorrow 2pm-4pm kst there will be an online festival..
they allow you to log in to the festival server and create your character and after you do the tutorial you automatically up to level 40.. so you can try the lvl 40 featurs and explore the world.
after 4pm kst the server and all the data (character and everything else) will delete.

enjoy playing tomorrow

Jun 2015

It's going to be a late one for those of us in North America, but definitely worth it i think.

Jun 2015

10 PM (on the 26th) to midnight for PST
1 AM to 3 AM (on the 27th) for EST

Not too bad considering it's a Friday night. The free level 40 would definitely make any time worth it at least for me.

Jun 2015

5 24 am here and almost 1 pm in kst, ready for the festival thingie, anyone joining?

Jun 2015

Of course I'm joining! XD (and then we'll need to wait for approximately a week for the official launch...)
Btw, it's 11:34 pm here.

Jun 2015

Nice! good to know im not the only one. Says 19 more minutes on their site, should be fun. Will be hilarious to play a game on an alien language though :O

Jun 2015

im hyped! it was a nightmare while patching cause time got rlly fast, now i got all, time gets sloooooowly i will put too a count down, here on Venezuela - south america, will be 00:30, with the korean i will feel like my gf trying to play MS1 on english without knowing hahahha

Jun 2015
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