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Hello everyone im maplefan too i was played first time in 2006 in GMS and on EMS later. Last time when i played in maple 1 was in 2010 i think and now i remind about this game and wow i see they do sequel and im very happy. but i have a some question what
discourages me to play maplestory 1 at now.
i remember maplestory 1 as a great game not too easy but just veery good balanced in leveling up. i remember that it was hard to do high level character and i was play mage when i stop i was 72 lvl and it was hard i spend a loot of hours to exping and the process with % grow veery slow. and i loved it because im not american who play only easy games i want hard game with slow level up and this gave me satisfaction and motivation to be the best i can be.
i remember when a few years ago when a lot people play this game and exping somewhere in victoria near towns and when somebody like 30+ lvl just crossed the map everybody just sayed woow you are very good ! and everybody shots dmg somethink like 50-80 and this 30+ one dmg was ~200... what i try to say everybody was impressed and when i played my 72 lvl in EMS was in top 3000 on my server and i was proud. i did this character somethink like 1 year and i spend a lot of time.
Now when i watched a lot videos about maple story 1 everywhere i see people with 100+ lvl with damage something like 50 000 000 000 (:O ?) and shoting this dmg like minigun tratatatatta! and it hard to belive for me, i know the game have 12 years and a lot of players created very difficult character at now but i think nexon did somethink that the game is easier than in past. and thats scary me i struggled very long with my ch and at now everybody is just 100+ or 200+... IT ridiculous for me when i watched video and youtuber sayed that they played character 2 month and at now he is 160lvl... i dont know maybe nexon do this for fans because they want stop players in game the longest its posible but im just scary..
IM SCARY BECAUSE I WANT HARD GAME WITH HARD LEVELING. i saw video of gameplay in alpha maplestory 2 and youtuber says he was 14 lvl in 8 hours but he dont exping a lot of time.. and this is not good message to me. I miss time when high level character was impressed from everybody and at now when everybody is 100+ i dont want to play in 1.
But Please i just want not too easy game i want hard way for everybody to make high level. this is the best motivation for me to spend time

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Where do i find rare level 30 equips?

ign: BlueBeamX

Jul 2015

Poison PQ, Griffin world boss, Black Market.

Black Market would be the best way right now. Gear is so cheap due to most players already having at least a full set of blues, so you can farm perion or lava eyes for an hour and buy a full set (minus accessories).

Jul 2015

What do you mean by farm perion of lava eyes?
Sorry, I'm super-new and super lost.
And by poison PQ, is that the one in shadow world?

Jul 2015

@beam009: one map southwest of Perion there's a map that people have been using to farm mesos and whites/greens to npc for some cash. it can get you about 100k-200k per hour depending how lucky you are with the drops.

lava eye is an area boss that spawns on a map that i don't remember off the top of my head, that, like every boss in the game, gives at least one equip drop per death if you tag it. if you farm it you can make some decent money and get some crystals too.

Jul 2015

Dont listen to these guys. I got my complete level 30 gear 1-3 stars from a monster map. Look for the number 29 on map icon. That shows the level of the monster and the location. Youll be looking for chickens wearing hand-me-downs and plants resembling pirahhna plants from mario.

Jul 2015
WatchGintama avatar

@zaisan08 You can only get green equips max from Chickens. If you want better equips (Blue/purple) you need to buy or do raids/PQ.

Jul 2015
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