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So as the alpha information has been released, a lot of players have been discussing the stuff so this post is gonna be a break down of the information released and why I think Nsquared has made it as it is.

Standard maple story keyboard controls (lets be honest we all knew this was gonna happen, its a 2.5d game, 0 chance of it being mouse and keyboard), I'm sure you can set your own key binds.

Tombstone System--------------------------------------------------------------------------
can be revived by teammates once before becoming a black tombstone and being unable to revive.
Gives players a free pass in dungeons if they die, I like how they made it an interactive mechanic so people have to stop what their doing to revive a teammate which could be potentially dangerous depending on where he/she died. I think this is more of a dungeon mechanic, in Maple 1 if you died in a PQ you would be teleported out which is too punishing.

SP = MP----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A lot of other games adopted the SP instead of MP as it made more sense for the non magical classes using "mana" to cast physical spells. CANNOT be restored with pots meaning you can't just hold 1 button during boss fights, you are forced to find the most efficient SP - Damage rotation (provided that most spells with have cool downs) while auto attacking in between.

I Think that they did this because 1) Make pvp interesting so its not just a skill spam fest, missing a spell will actually be punishing in pvp. 2) Makes it impossible (or just reallllly hard and reallly long) to solo bosses like in maple 1.

Your mobility gauge- like rolling (like we saw in the bosses video), climbing,jumping. So you can't just spam dodge to dodge a boss mechanic or dodge all ranged projectiles by spamming 1 button. You actually have to save it and use it at the right moment and using it wastefully will punish you as you won't have it up when you actually need it.

Very straight forward except that there is Physical resistance and Magical resistance which will play a part in itemization for specific encounters (Good job NCsoft, no doubt they incorporated this) and for PvP purposes, will make theory crafting/ min-maxing much much more interesting.

Auction House- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Standard, will potentially reduce spam in market areas (Free Market). You can always buy what you need at any given time. (Suspect Tax on auction house as a money sink and to promote free trade).

10 Man parties (Raid Party)----------------------------------------------------------------
- 10 man dungeon/raid. Sounds good , or just big leveling parties.

TLDR; If you come into Maple 2 expecting maple 1, your going to be sorely disappointed, this is a brand new MMORPG that has maple story element, the game play will be different, boss fights and dungeons will be different. The only side that I see being the same is the social side.

You can expect a much harder, more mechanically demanding game where you have to take a lot of things into account such as SP, HP potion CD, dodging boss mechanics and (Changing mechanic patterns as the fight progresses) much much more balance due to PvP. Theory crafting/Min maxing will be more complex than ever before. Prepare for the brand new maple 2, IMO the better.

P.s. how do i make text bold :L

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