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I was considering making 20 accounts and applying ruthlessly, but I decided to just apply on one. My computers already bad and probably wouldn't survive the traffic, Alpha testing isn't even that cool and it isn't even the NA Alpha test! I'll stick to the videos, than you very much!
... Just kidding, wish I got in.

3 1928 Sep 2014



Hi, I created a new guild but I cant seem to find options to add people, or even customize the guild page some way. Whoever knows how to do this stuff can you please help me out.


Mar 2015
WatchGintama avatar

The person needs to apply to the guild. I'm not sure about customization features. What are you looking to customize?

Mar 2015

Hmm is it possible to post things on the guild page, cuz i dont see anything on the guild page except for writing a comment. Is there a way I can post something on this website that only my guild members can see. Also by customization i mean like changing our slogan,adding statuses, videos, pics and other shit.

Apr 2015
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