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On the MapleStory 2 website it shows the archer instructor and gives the voice audio. I wonder if they are going do a Elder Scrolls Online type thing and have every npc talk. That would be pretty cool and will give more life to the game.

6 1160 Aug 2014



What class are you playing? if you're going to play as all of them then wich will be your main one?

Mar 2015

I'm going to start out as thief! I'm excited to see their skills, but if they're like MS1 ( come on meso guard and poison!) then they seem like they'll be very fun in a 3D game!

Mar 2015

tbh, I can't say for sure without actually playing the live version for months (it took me 3 years to decide on Marksman; I was originally a priest before 4th job advance came out/bishop). I will however start out on a knight.

Mar 2015

I was a priest and will probably make one but i also want a thief

Mar 2015

1 year later, still waiting for heavy gunner to come out...

Mar 2015

I'll make an Assassin as my main and i'll try Heavy gunner and Bowman.

Mar 2015
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