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Does anyone know who or where I can find the artist(s) of the artwork for MS2?
I've searched online but so far no luck.
Any ideas?

8 1477 Feb 2015



Unfortunately, I can't post links here - but I've PM'd you the details

Jul 2015

1.) Okay when you are on the ms2 site click the Maplestory 2 icon on the far left.
2.) Click on it then look at the box right next to the login box.
3.) Click the middle blue button with an arrow pointing down sign.
4.) Then when your are on the download page~
5.) Click on the blue button to start your download.

Jul 2015

How Do I download the English version of ms2 please help urgent

Jul 2015

You can't download the english version, only the korea version.

Jul 2015

when I try to download maplestory it gives me an error : [ ERROR CODE = -46 ]

Jul 2015

@Bassline: It seams your installer was not downloaded properly. You probably used the second method. Make sure that all the "MapleStory_Install.z01" files have been downloaded properly (Check the file size and compare it with the specified download file size). Hope this helps.

Aug 2015
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