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This doesn't just apply to warriors, but since warriors (coughDARKKNIGHTScough) were and will always be my favorite class, I'll just talk about them. I was thinking that after the game releases in the near end of 2014 (perhaps even later in NA), Nexon should work on making a wide variety if weapons.

The classes themselves are good for now (8 is a pretty wide range), but the weapons are so limited per class. Unlike the Assassin who can either wield a dagger+dagger or a dagger+shield, all the other classes are limited to 1 weapon only. Well, assuming that all goes well and the game is released and played all throughout the world, NEXON. Please get to work D:<

Let me take a moment of nostalgia, about 5 years ago. I had my ONE AND ONLY Dark Knight. Took me around 4 years and TONS of NX to lvl him to 186, but I was proud. You know why? Well, first, it was because he was one of the original classes (screw heros D:&lt but there's more to that. He had a spear. A freaking SPEAR. What kind of a class in ANY mmorpg wields a spear? Well, I've never seen any. What kind of a class can summon a beholder which buffs him like a BOSS and follows him around? And have you SEEN the amount of HP a DK can heal per attack? It was insane! Away with the pots!

Oops I deviated from my track for a bit. Let's get back to the weapons. A freaking SPEAR! It's a 2-Handed weapon. You can strap it on your back. You can swing it around (Spear/Polearm, anyone?) and it'll be just like what a Berserk always does! Swinging that badass 2-H weapon around. Mhm.

Well let's say Nexon says," Screw Hitelite. Just because he suggested an idea that we were already thinking about, we won't do such an update!" Well then.. How about a new class? What kind of class..? I dunno, maybe a class that uses spears.. Like.. Oh, idk, a LANCER? (You hate on me and say that lance are different from spears?) FINE. A SPEARSMAN (sounds lame, but oh well.)

Now, you ask, "What the hell is this guy even talking about? The game isn't even released yet, and he's talking about new weapon categories and new classes? I think he's getting way too ahead of himself." Well, you're right. I'm just excited but bummed at the same time. And just to waste my time AND yours, I wanted you to hear out my thoughts and see what you thought about spears being implemented in Maplestory 2. Well.. thanks for reading and take the poll.

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May 2015
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