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First of all, my IGN is Omni.
I'm the Guild leader of Illumni, and I am looking for fellow English players.
Currently, recruiting every English player(No matter level) for Illumni.
I would like everyone if you want to join or looking to find more English players, add me in game (Omni). If you want to join the guild, simply add me and just ask me to join.
We are all quite friendly. We currently have one player in the guild that is Korean but speaks and types fluent English so we have quite the advantage when it comes to understanding equipment and item drops we get.
Hope to find fellow Maplers
See ya in game~!
I have 2 Characters right now.
Omni ~ Lvl 30 Berserker ~ Main Character, 80% Online
CherryPie ~ Lvl 17 Assassin ~ Side Character, 20% Online
Add both of them if you'd like (:

1099 Jul 2015

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