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Who else hopes that the developers will use common sense in MS2? What do I mean?
1) Well, how come Shadowers in MS1 have assassinate when we have a separate assassin class?
2) How come thieves wear "pirate gear" (level 80 thief gear) when there are pirates?
3) If every class is of equal importance and serves a role then wouldn't every new class be A) Pointless, B) A duplicate, or C) Completely overpowered by combining uses?
4) What's the point in creating solo content for a MMO RPG "Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game" when as the name suggests you should have a specific role in a GROUP? *EDIT: I am not saying that people shouldn't play solo. I am simply stating that they shouldn't FOCUS on solo content. I think solo role playing is an oxymoron (even before adding the multi-player aspect).
Thank you for your comments and your opinions. I like seeing things from another perspective.

6 1636 Jan 2015



If someone could give me a verified MS2 account, very much appreciated. Need badly, i only have 2 points on my life bar before i die of boredom! PLEASE Thank you & Best regards

Or even maybe someone quitting the game that would help

Feb 2016

i could you an account i let my friends use. There will be characters so dont erase any of them.

Mar 2016

Wow. Great! Please message me info i have the game installed already. Thank you so much

Mar 2016

Hello guys, may I use the account too please

Apr 2016

hey guys someone got any spare acc that he can give me

Nov 2016
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