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If anyone needs help with what to do for your level 50 daily quests, just let us know.
Will just copy, translate and post when I can.

For those who don't know what the lvl 50 daily's are:
Once you reach lvl 50, there are 3 NPC's at Queen's Town (퀸즈타운 - to the right of Tria).
They hand out daily quests in exchange of Ruu (token), where you can exchange for furniture, chests and atk spd/movement speed belts and capes.
Aliyaru (알리야르 - guy to the left) - hands out dungeon and mobbing quests.
Mayoru (마�"르 - girl in the middle) - hands out monster dropped foods and house furniture action quests.
Godaru (� 다르 - boy to the right) - hands out magic hat and exploring quests.



1109 Jan 2016

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