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Today we would like to discuss with you our worries about the game's economy and potential countermeasures: Changes to trading system and cash shop

1. Trading

-The way items and mesos are traded is now changed

-You are now unable to drop items that are above a certain grade, unable to drop mesos, and unable to trade directly with another player
-You are now unable to attach items or mesos in mails
-All items can be traded in Black Market (Auction House)

-If we are able to streamline every activity that affects the game's economy to one source, we should be quicker in finding out any sort of exploits, bugs, and issues. Ultimately we can:
-Combat against botters and meso farmers
-In the case of losing items from being hacked or due to a bug, we are able to better assist you in getting your items back
-These changes to trading will be applied in the Final CBT

2. Cash Shop

-We will be opening up a Cash Shop to test Cash items for free in the Final CBT

-No, you will not be using real NX Cash
-All items on Cash Shop will be available for free in the Final CBT

-We need to test out the Cash Items before release
-We feel that Cash Items may have severe negative impact on the game's economy if these items are not tested firsthand by the players
-We saw that many of you in the community were worried about how the Cash Shop will affect the game. We feel your concern and we are giving ourselves a lot of time to think about this issue.

Although it is tough to explain the changes in one post, we thought it was most important that the community knows about these changes and understands our motive behind it before going into the Final CBT.

Keep in mind that even throughout the Final CBT that we will constantly monitor the changes we've made and may try different approaches as needed.

We will be back with another announcement next week, "Trolling, Velma's Judgment"

Translation by ChannelOnion

Feel free to comment and discuss the recent changes down below!

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New player to MS2 currently level 18 Zerk

looking for a guild ixon, feel free to add me

Aug 2015
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Hello and welcome. Please [url=http://www.maplestory2.tv/add/story]add it here[/url] with the guild tag.

Aug 2015
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