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Hello, and afternoon everyone.
This thread consists of your thoughts on some of the characters abilities. Do you guy's think the thief's abilities will still be similar to Ms1? And what about "Berserker" mode? This is the one that6 really has me itching o find out what it can really do. Will we be able to transform into an awesome super saiyan like figure? Or is it just a buff? (Me personally, I really hope that its a dark aura that surrounds the player while you transform into a completely new figure, like Sasuke's curse mark from the Naruto Series). Let me know what you think down below. As always, thanks for the replies and comments,

2 1056 Jul 2014



Hey guys! Would anyone mind taking the time to upload the client somewhere? I'd much appreciate it, thanks!

May 2015

You can download it off the website bylogging in and clicking "Game Start".

May 2015
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