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Hi all,

Nexon Korea has posted a update (the link takes you to the shared article on the MapleStory2.tv Facebook page). @Ragunaga provides a great translation below:

>Hello ~ This is GM Jackie!
>Many curious people would still like us to explain a little more about the contents of the teaser. We've put a little more information on the portal site.
># 1 Monetization of Maplestory
>Mentioned in the first part is various teasers on the site. Non-subscription based charging is planned.
># 2 Maplestory Testing Schedule
>A lot of people would like to play Maplestory 2 as soon as they can. Knowing this we will release the schedule [I actually am having trouble with this part here. It may be BEFORE December, or on December], to give us time to prepare.
>I would like to inform you of a more accurate date, but if we ever had to reschedule it would make a lot of people disappointed. We need to handle this information carefully, we can only say a certain period, so please understand why it's vague.
>Finally, we modified the site to allow you to request information about the teaser! You ask, I'll answer!

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lt's weird to see you two posting again, but welcome back guys!

Feb 2014

They got to test the game and get FREE food? life must be great for them...

Sep 2014

@Suuki The dream... I'm moving there in 15 years so I can alpha test and get free food for MS3

Sep 2014
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Move to Korea: Alpha test amazing MMOs like MapleStory 2 and Tree of Savior early in development.
Live elsewhere: Wait years for a beta

Sep 2014
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