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Greetings Maplers!

I am happy to announce the launch of our [MapleStory2 Info page](http://www.maplestory2.tv/MapleStory2-Game-Info-4.html]MapleStory2 Wiki/Info page[/url]! Blogs, videos and screenshots are great, but they are still very piecemeal, forcing you to consume everything if you want to get the information. That's why we've created the [url=http://www.maplestory2.tv/MapleStory2-Game-Info-4.html) - it's a collection of what is known about MapleStory2 from a wide number of resources.

We've scoured all the relevant blogs, videos and screenshots to get the Info page started. However, the best part is that anyone can contribute! Just click on the pencil icon on any of the pages to make changes. Click on the plus icon to add a new page if you've found a whole new trove of information.

Don't worry, all changes have to be ok'd before they're made public.

[b]What's in it for me[/b]?
Fame (contributions appear on your ID page and posts)! Badges (contributor badges / achievements coming soon)! Awesomeness (self explanatory)!

[b]How do the tags work?[/b]
Open up a page and then click the pencil icon to see exactly how it was written and how the syntax / tags work. Don't be intimidated - it's very simple!

The community here is great, lots of questions being asked and answered. Thank you all for visiting and making the site better!


6 2220 Jul 2014



Why don't we use our old MS characters for temporary avatars before MS2 comes out?

Feb 2014

Who knows? Mrbasil (or rather Captain) just has these preset faces for now.
l think it's under reservation for Maplestory 2 avatars and characters, to really define the line between this site and Basilmarket.

Feb 2014

I mean this site is for MAPLETORY 2.
It makes sense to use these avatars instead of our Maplestory 1 avatars.
Eventually though, I see the site accepting MS1 avatars.

Mar 2014
captain avatar

If it's easily doable like with MS1 then yes, we'll certainly be doing the same setup as on BasilMarket.

Mar 2014

I was especially annoyed with the old avatars, but the current ones are pretty nice.

Mar 2014
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