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Hello everyone! Or should I say afternoon? Oh well ^^
This thread mainly consists of your opinion about what boss will be coming back. have a clue that Balrog will be returning. ( Spadows video of MS2 supporter day 3 boss monsters can e found on youtube, I couldn't post it on here since its restricted to do so sorry T-T). The end of he video shows a mysterious figure in a silhouette with wings, and I very large in appearance ^^. I also wonder if other bosses such as Zakum or Magnus will be returning to MS2, who knows, maybe Von Leon had a brother we never knew and becomes a fearsome foe in MS2. All in all, who do you think would have a chance as to returning as a boss? Thanks for the comments, and have a great day everyone!

P.S If you were a boss, what kind of powers would you have?

4 1042 Jul 2014



Hi there,

I'm from Europe and I really want to see MS2 streaming/videos.
Most American streamers stream on a time when it's 3 am here.

Or are there any American streamers who put their streams on a platform like YouTube?
Would really like to see that :-)

Greetings, Ferdy

May 2015

As a German I know your problem, but there is a solution. You could check out channel_onion on youtube. He also uploaded his last closed beta gameplay on youtube. It just may take some time, like 1 day.

May 2015
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