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Mr. Basil or whomever can you translate what the new notice is talking about? Thanks.


It's talking something about the G.Ms I believe.

2 9 1311 Jul 2014



Hey guys,

I looked on the official MS2 site yesterday. I can't speak Korean, but I tought I saw something about OBT.

I can't post URL's since I'm a new member. Go watch on the site yourself and click on the sword (on the left) and click the subject.
It says something like 2015, 1, 12, OBT.

What does this mean?
Korean OBT on 1/12/2015?
Thats too far away!


Mar 2015

I was wondering what that was too, if it is OB on 1/12.. :'(

Mar 2015

So i did google translating (with my professional korean copying skills) and this is what it wrote: Subscription period: January 12, 2015 from the game until OBT

Nothing about December here, there is still no released OBT date, no need to worry!

Mar 2015

its a deadline of an event they are doing.
you sign up as an adventure and they are giving out the sunglasses and skateboard as a gift ingame item for those who signed up

its from 1/12 until open beta release

i hope that helped

and fyi 1/12/15 already passed XD

Mar 2015

There is the confusion, @Island, the date can be read in 2 ways, 1/12 as first of December (Like said @Pinkman or @Ferdy16) or in the other way, like you guys read it, like 12th of January, we are not quite sure which one they are talking about

Mar 2015

@JinxyCostarz Yes...we do know which way they format their dates. Just look at the other dates on the site. They follow the Year/Month/Day format.

Mar 2015
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