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Credits: x3TheAran59
Somebody posted this on the Basilmarket forums.
Looks like we see the first monster with pretty cool music. I'm excited.

10 1526 Mar 2014



lf you're talking about the game, probably not.

Dec 2014

As with any other mmo out there new classes are always coming. They just stated that they won't be adding anything new until they fully are satisfied with the first eight classes that they already have made. So basically don't expect a new class out for a while after release date. Pirates for MS1 did not come out for a few years after MS1 release if I recall. 2005 was GMS release date and pirates came out in 2008. So my guess any new classes that will come out for MS2 won't be for at least the same amount of time. I don't think they are going to be releasing a billion classes though like they did for MS1 so don't get your hopes up for a new class coming out that often.

Dec 2014

@Omniscient1 Is correct. Nexon has already acknowledged that that they pretty well butchered MS1 with op pay to win, and spamming new classes and content while giving little thought to improving or expanding what they already have; and that is what lead to ruining the game. New classes will come eventually for sure, just like any MMO; but don't hold your breath for something like Kaiser. Likely we will first see an expansion of the basic 4 classes we have adding in a spearman job for example, maybe an addition of pirates a few years later. I would bet that we wont be seeing anything like Kaisers, Angelic Busters, etc at all in Ms2. Berserker will be the closest thing

Dec 2014
roxyxen avatar

Idk if they will be adding new classes, but if they do, I'd like a class with a hammer that lets you smash everything in your path!

Dec 2014

MS1 is out of control with it's clusterfunk of classes. I hope MS2 does not repeat that same mistake. Adding a few classes later on is fine, but please nothing like MS1.

Dec 2014

I genuinely hope there will be no new classes added for at least a year (I hope around 2 years), of course that's just my irrelavent opinion but I think the classes that are going to be playable on release will more than keep me entertained and I'm sure many of you. I also think they'll develop each of these classes within the first year or not long after to keep everyone on there toes and engrossed in the game.

Dec 2014

you guys you guys I am just saying that when someone gets bord of one class then they should add more classes in the game so people can have more FUN! also I was saying Kaiser because Kaiser is my favourite class so im hopping that they will be putting the old and meybe even make new and better classes then MS1 k

Dec 2014

I honestly think Pirates would be a cool addition back to the game, but I wouldn't be mad if they did something else original. I do hope they add a few more classes but I don't want them to be stupid op compared to the 8 original they have now. If anything, I want the new classes to have a certain position they fill and not just what a few classes do but better... Every class should have a niche that they all bring to a party; healer, tank, high-dps, burst damage, etc. Bring back the days of old maple when every class had a certain role to play!

Jan 2015
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