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I wanna know if they're gonna have a single server or if they are gonna be like MS 1 where they made so much servers that many of them became dead.

6 1179 Dec 2014



can any one translate all the stat in the game please?

Jul 2015

ive found the best way to use smart phone app that translate what you take pic of

Jul 2015

I took the screen and use online-ocr to translate but it didnt work much cause the letters are small so it wasnt translated well

Jul 2015

Not sure why but they censor some Korean words on this site so I just removed the Korean and left the English translation. Some of these stats are phrased a bit weird because of Korean to English translation.

I used Naver dictionary to help with the translation and the Korean words were smaller then a rice grain at times but luckily I think I read the Korean words well enough. Hope this helps~

1st block

2nd block
Weapon Attack
Physical Damage
Magic Attack
Armour Penetration
Physical Damage Penetration
Magic Damage Penetration
Critical Hits
Critical Damage
Increased close damage
Increased fire damage
Increased frost damage
Increased lightning damage
Increased poison damage
Increased shadow damage
Increased divinity damage
Increased damage when attacking boss
Increased floor damage
Increased recovery skills
Attack speed
Skill decrease call time

3rd Block
Physical Defense
Magic Defense
Critical Avoidance
Close-damage reduction
It ranged damage reduction
Reduced fire damage
Frost damage reduction
Lightning damage reduced
Poison damage reduction
Shadow damage reduction
Divinity damage reduction
Full defense
No action time reduction
State over time reduced
HP Regeneration

Jul 2015

^very thankful to have your help.Also can you explain the differences between hit,crit hit and crit damage?

Jul 2015

The hits are probably the damage you can make without it counting as a critical hit. The critical hits tells you how likely you are to land a critical hit. The critical damage is the damage you do, each time you land a critical hit. I think all three are sort of similar in a sense just depends. Happy gaming~

Jul 2015
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