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so currently im torn.. i know i either want to play berserker or heavy gunner, but i cant decide because:
everyone seems to want to play berserkers.. i dont really want to play an extremely overpopulated class (bad experience with it)
heavy gunner is a really cool concept, but they seem weak.
if i mostly do anything, its going to be pvp. i always pvp mainly in any game.
so i guess my question to beta testers (and anyone who plans on playing)
-are heavy gunners that bad in pvp? i think i saw somewhere they were really crap tier.
-are berserkers that good in pvp?
-is ms2 going to basically be berserker story? (50% of the game being people playing berserks. i know that sounds far fetched. try playing a gunslinger on latale.)
-are heavy gunners good at tanking or high in attack (pvp question)
i really want to make my choice well before ms2 arrives so i can instantly main one. i have way too much experience playing a class that seemed cool at first then finding out its extremely garbage the farther you get into the game.
also, i really dont want the whole "depends how you fund it" i plan on spending little to no money on this game in terms of funding.

6 1690 May 2015



Is the avatar of my maplestory 2 account a male? poll included if I do it right.

Also, will maplestory 2 be very high in damage and mesos and stuff? like will people have inventories with like 15b and stuff in it? Or will it be kept fairly simple?

inb4 crystal ball and time machine and stuff, I just want people's personal opinions on what it will be like.

thank you

Apr 2015
Stellaria avatar

Uh..huh.. no idea..
Also, from what it looks like, getting mesos and leveling will be more difficult in MS2.

Huh I feel dumb for thinking it was an older woman. XD

Apr 2015

I know that it'll be much harder to get mesos and that it takes more hits than Maplestory 1 to kill a monster.

Apr 2015

It was difficult to get mesos in MS1 as well. The only reason why mesos is so easily obtain now is due to a lot factors, but mostly because of botters farming the mesos. Can pretty much guarantee this that mesos will be very hard to obtain at first,but then slowly end up like MS1 and all other mmos where mesos is going be much easier to obtain. it's inevitable that mesos farmers will evade MS2 sooner or later. That being said enjoy it while it lasts because MS2 economy will eventually start to get pretty bad due to hackers. Hopefully it won't be as bad as MS1 though. Here's hoping Nexon has a far better security system for MS2 than it does for MS1.

Apr 2015
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