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What are your guy's thoughts on the game so far?

Personally I think it looks pretty good but I am worried that it won't be alike Maple in any way besides the art style and story. I really like how it looks and the classes seem pretty fun (wish we could see the other 4 they have not shown). I really hope they bring back party quests and make the world open but with the same map to map formula Maple used. I like most of the monsters I have seen but I dislike some like the devlin boss and the giant goat thing. I don't think they really fit the Maple theme. I also really like how the maps are laid out. It is really cool they have so many vertical layers and they just look good overall. I am kind of worried that since there seem to be so many features that they all might just be very meh. So far they have said or showed us about create your own dungeon, player housing, mini games, raids, a moba game mode, and pvp as some of the main features. That is a lot to make especially if they also have a large open world too.

Also what class will you most likely try out first?

As you can tell by my name, I am going to be playing a berserker first unless it looks awful (haven't seen any footage of it yet) If it ends up being bad I am going to probably play either a thief or priest and maybe a heavy gunner. The priest looks really cool but I won't try it out if it ends up being really weak like in Maple or if it is a healer if they are following the holy trinity of classes. If that is the case then I will probably be a thief since I love fast attacks.

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Hi all, hope you're well and preparing for the launch of KMS2!

I've added a new feature on the site called 'stories'. It's a way for you to log your in-game achievements (or frustrations, or whatever). Think of it as an in-game diary.

You can [url=http://ms2.tv/stories]check out the current stories here[/url] or on the front page.

Have fun!

Jun 2015
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