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Just something to speculate on for fun! The stars are for difficulty, which I'm assuming means the skill cap needed to use the character to their intended potential.

So, we currently have :
1 Star | Wizard
2 Star | Ranger
3 Star | Knight, Assassin
4 Star | Priest
5 Star | ?

I'm guessing the last three classes will balance out the sheet, i.e. a 2-Star, 4-Star, and 5-Star. At the very least, there has to be one 5-Star, or there's no purpose in a 5-Star scale, right?

My guess is it will be:
5 Star | Berserker (Managing HP at 30%, especially during boss fights, sounds like some of the game's highest skill-cap playstyle).
2 Star | Thief (Similar to Knight, but attacks faster, so easier to stunlock and spam attacks rather than worry about party buffs)
4 Star | Heavy Gunner (Rumored low mobility in combat to optimize damage means planning ahead before staking a position to fight).

What do you guys think? Will it be a nicely balanced sheet at all?

5 15 2525 Feb 2015



The reason I was able to carry on through the 10 days of MapleStory2 Final Closed Beta Test is because of your love and support. Without the viewers, followers, and donators from MapleStory2.TV, I would have never been able to be where I am now today. I cannot thank this community enough for allowing me to have a very successful MapleStory2 CBT and FCBT stream.

With your support, I want to keep growing as a streamer and continue providing entertainment to share the lovely gift of laughter throughout this Summer. And when OBT hits in July, I hope all of you can guess who will be streaming it ; )

I thank all of you of MapleStory2.TV, for being the foundation of Channel_Onion!

Thank you so much,

P.S. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to show off Guild PvP in my last stream

May 2015

Is it confirmed that its open beta? Still just for Koreans only, right?

Was fun to watch.

May 2015
WatchGintama avatar

It was fun playing with everyone and watching your stream at work! See you all in OBT!

May 2015
Menohh avatar

You do it very well, Onion. Always fun to tune into your stream. I'll definitely keep watching ya.

May 2015
roxyxen avatar

You're an amazing streamer, Onion! Thanks for providing the amazing gameplay.

May 2015

I couldn't watch it for internet reasons man I just watched your stream a couple of days, good thing you upload it to youtube! n.n

May 2015

Mah hero. Thank you very much, I know that playing CB could feel like a chore sometimes since all the work you put in will be deleted, props and thanks to you for sticking with it!

May 2015

Thank you for streaming it onion. it was very informative and most of all very fun. It doesn't matter that you didn't get to every little thing. It was all in good times!


May 2015

I've watched your streams on YouTube and i loved em! Thx Onion!

May 2015

Just wanted to say that i love you Onion, keep going

May 2015
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