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I was wondering if player's keep their IGN's in the upcoming Closed beta, anyone here who was a MS beta player can tell us about this? Because I know people had items such as the Bandana

2 1095 Nov 2014



To play on Korean servers with open beta or should I just wait for English version to be released? Those who have experience with this help please.

Apr 2015

i would wait for the english version in my opinion, not because i didnt get accepted for final beta, i didnt applied anyways lol, but because the experience is gonna completely different. Everything is gonna be new for you. The effort that u spent of the final beta is gonna feel like time wasted, because you already did almost everything and its gonna feel like your have to repeat alllll your hard work one more time.

im gonna wait, the pain is just too big sitting over here waiting, playing some random mmo's and looking for a game to keep me busy.

Apr 2015
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