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Hey everybody,
I'm making this post because I have been unable to find any sort of "guild" related forum discussion. For the time being, I am sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have some things that I would like to run by you all!

For years I have had an idea to create not only a guild, but a community within MapleStory. A simple, helpful, and relaxed community of friends and gamers. Unfortunately, with MS and its "P2W" presence, establishing myself has been rather tough-- even with my 200 levels and dedication toward the game since its original global beta. On top of this, Program manipulation along with the indirect help from Corporate Nexon has ran MS into the ground for everybody who played fairly (thanks hackers, thanks). I wish there was something that I could do about it! However, with MS2 upcoming; we might be able to put it all behind us and move forward. A new opportunity for us all. A new beginning, and a new opportunity for me to start what I have wanted to start for a long time. ( This is just a very light background about my vision. )

I figured that, at the very least, a "guild" thread could be established here. Again, I am sorry if there is already one of these present. I would also like the chance to organize something with all of the beautiful users of this site. A guild for the users of this site and for the players of MS2 who are interested in being a part of the fun and glory (as long as there isn't already a group in place).
If this thread develops into something more, I would absolutely love to share more about my ideas, vision, and goal on uniting MapleStory lovers and especially the users of this site. Heck, I would love the chance to work with somebody who has had this idea already.
In the event that this thread develops into something more, I will make edits accordingly.

For the time being:
What sort of guild ideas do YOU have? Let us discuss general guild ideas and speculations, along with interest in having a MS2.tv guild and community on site and DEFINITELY in-game.

Edit: The cap added a great new feature for guilds, and I have created a page for mine "Perion"
Please check it out!

- Meno

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i just download maplestory2 at nexon com (link2) but i can't install, i can't understand korean so i don't know what happened. please help me
this is what error :i . imgbox . com/p3xjE48W . png

Aug 2015
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