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To start, I will keep things simple. Here are our three main focuses:

- To offer a simple, friendly and fun home for players of the game and ms2.tv
- To have positive reputation and earn high status through respect, accomplishments, and fun.
- Offering another reason for players to log into the game; to make the game another great adventure.

A bit about the leadership:
Hello everyone! My name is Wharz, and I'd like to briefly introduce myself. I have been a big fan of MapleStory since its release and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it for many years. However, after achieving level 200, I found myself with nothing much to do in the game. As a player who enjoys "raiding" content, MapleStory's lack of end-game and quality bosses made me quit the game entirely. After reviewing what little content there is about MS2, and I can honestly say, I am already super exicted for this game. The potential for some really incredible boss fights has me super thrilled to help establish the guild, Perion. I have been good friends with Meno for quite a long time now, and it has been a goal of ours to establish a respectable guild to enjoy and all aspects of the Maple world. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy PvE content, which in MS, is killing bosses. My hope is to create a community for players that share my ideas of being a top "bosser."However, if bossing and min-maxing characters is not your thing, that is perfectly fine! I love meeting new people and being able to play and just chat with people. It's what makes MapleStory such a good game. Hopefully, this helped give you an idea on what I am all about, and what I am hoping for in MS2. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas... please feel free to message me or Meno and we will respond. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you on board!

My name is Meno and I have been playing MapleStory since its release in 2005. I missed MapleStory's global beta sign-up by one day, but I still consider myself an early bird to the Maple world. I have made many great memories while playing MapleStory over the years, and I would love to make more with everybody here and in MapleStory2. I've been playing video games since I was young, and games have since remained one of my favorite hobbies. Even at my current age of 22, I still enjoy games. Throughout the years of playing games, specifically MMOs, I have come to realize that I enjoy leading groups and guilds. After learning about the upcoming release of MS2, I decided I take this opportunity of a new game to found and lead a guild to glory. I have years of experience in officer and co-leading positions while leading guilds in other games-- even MapleStory.
I plan to actively lead my MS2 guild along with my most trusted officer, Wharz. Together both him and I have years of experience in running groups and guilds alike. I have no reason to believe that both him and I won't be able to start and keep something great going for very long time. To be regarded as a top guild is my goal, and to do that, Perion needs members determined to be the best and work together, and have fun doing it.

What we're looking for in potential members:
Perion members should be active, friendly, helpful, respectful, and mature.

1) Activity:
Our interest is in recruiting and keeping a fully active roster during this pre-launch period and when the game is released. A guild is not a guild without its members, and activity is pivotal to our success as a guild; and in result of this, activity will be monitored bi-weekly.

2) Friendliness:
Bullying, harassment, and general rudeness, towards guild members or otherwise, will not be tolerated in Perion. Playful banter is acceptable, flat-out verbal assault is not. As a guild, our reputation will revolve around our action in game and in forums.

3) Helpfulness
A guild is a group of likeminded individuals that works together for a common purpose. As such, being helpful and willing to communicate and cooperate are vital traits members must exhibit. We hope that our guild members will be running quests and bosses, and also just having a good time together chatting and interacting.

4) Respect:
This is simple enough. I expect all active guild members to respect people inside and outside of the guild. Once again, our reputation will revolve around how we treat guild members and other players. This goes hand in hand with friendliness.

5) Maturity:
This is another simple one. Everyone is expected to have a generally mature attitude. That isn't to say that humor and lightheartedness aren't allowed (quite the opposite), but don't act like the stereotypical "kid on the internet."

Activities and goals:
Perion will focus on just about everything. Training, bossing, dungeons, farming materials, fashion, mini-games, chatting, collecting, social events & more!
My goal for Perion is to offer a haven for enthusiastic and determined MapleStory2 players, and to offer a reason for people to want to log in. One of my biggest gripes with MS1 is that I felt that I had no reason to log in except continue the grind. I want there to be a guild-- a community-- always there for each member that logs in. I envision that if a player in MS2 looks at your guild tag and sees that you're in Perion, they should not question if you're a person of high quality (friendly, helpful, respectful, skillful), they should feel confident in knowing that you are.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are interested in joining Perion! Please apply here: ms2.tv/Perion-Guild
We will try our best to be active every single day to review applications.
For the time being, while MS2 isn't out, we will focus on forum discussions and more! Let's get hyped for the game!

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I'd like to play the game but as you guys know. a korean number is need. if there is any other way can you please share it with me ?

Jan 2016

Sorry, no other way.
The last resort would be to buy a part-way verified account from NGW and don't charge any cash as you may very well get locked for partial verification.

Jan 2016

just buy it from OBT is the best and trusted. only 10 USD.

Jan 2016
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