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Does anyone know what that post means on there? I used google translate and it was hard to understand still. Did they say that they are going delay MapleStory2 for further date? Some people are saying it won't be in beta until 2015 or so now. Anyway can translate what they mean? Thanks.

9 7 1308 Jul 2014



Hello Guys !
I know im dreaming about the day where an old server would show up again ...(no private server)
Im making a vote here...
Maybe this wont change anything!
But it Would be amazing if nexon america would take a look about what player want !
i know many of us LOVE the old Maple Story style.
i would be great if nexon could host an OLD server (Before KOC Patch)!
I dont mean taking off the current server...i just mean hosting another little server for who
ever who wanna play the old maple.

What you think about it?

Q-Why i want nexon to host the server?
A-well it would be more popular than just a fcking private server...
Q-Does this stawpoll will change anything?
A-Probably not ....But Why not taking a chance to make it work?

Every Forum of maple story....i keep notice that most of people MISS the old maple...i do like the current one but i do PREFER the old one.


Mar 2015

It would be so amazing if you could put a simple in-game poll within Maplestory 1, (with a pop-up after logging in) asking all the current players who enjoy playing Maplestory if they would want to play older versions of Maplestory. For me, the biggest change was the maps, I loved all the original maps and NPCs, and so did everyone else. They recently had an event where you could visit of a few of the old Maplestory maps, but it just wasn't the same. Results would definitely show up from these polls, but for now personally I want to see Nexon do a poll on voting for combining more empty, or "dead" worlds.

Mar 2015

I am sorry really am and do not mean to be rude but can we stray away from these type of posts? Leave them on Basilmarket and not here. It just unnecessary imo and something that will never happen. Again call me a party pooper, negative nancy, or me being just a rude jerk if you wish but that's just how I feel sorry.

To answer your question though like already explained this is something that will never happen. It isn't the old MS that made the game back then. It's the old community. Bringing back "old MS" isn't going to bring back that community. That community is long gone and either they are too old to play games in general anymore, or they moved on to better games than MapleStory. The new community will not suddenly change into the nostlglia old MS community either. Most of the new community hates the slow grind and all that jazz. It will be impossible to convert people to want what you want. Lastly, an old server will just waste unnecessary income to the game. Whenever any new server is released they die within the first 3 months. Same thing will happen to an old MS server. It will be active for awhile bc it's a "new server" then die out like the rest of the servers. Waste of money imo.

Mar 2015

Don't worry, after 3 months they'll just merge it into a server alliance. /s

Mar 2015

@Omniscient1 well that your oppinion...cause when we think about it, you got that opinion of the game cause your probably from that new generation from ms1. you prefer leveling faster and ....leveling faster is worthless.what the point of being the best...you probably never met that community 9 years ago.i might be 21 years old but there no age to play any game in the world. the cummunity was jsut awesome before ...no one was rlly fixing on their range like they do today. the community became solo as fk and how can u have fun when u basicly always play alone...you needed a party up BEFORE !And Leveling Wasnt Really That Hard...Maybe it was for u if u were there? cause you didnt knew where to train. But PQ was the easy way to level up, and party up in a map was the fun way to train. ( Kerning PQ , Ludi PQ , Carnival PQ 1, Orbis PQ , Carnival PQ2 , LMPQ )....Oh Well What The Point To Talk About This When Your Actually Mad To See This Kind Of Post Here For Unknow Reason. Keep Your Madness Inside Buddy

Mar 2015

@SpiritHollow First can you stop with the Caps On Every Single Word Type Post. Second, who is mad here? I wasn't even mad in my post so obviously you're the one all bent out of shape bc I stated I don't like the nostlglia type posts. It's my opinion and that is your opinion. Learn to deal with others opinions. Lastly, why do you automatically assume I never played back in beta? I never played exactly back in beta but I have been playing MS since ariant release which was pre-bb and before pirate class came out. So I understand the community back then. I know how the grind was back then, and that damage has always been a factor.

Before potentials came out everyone was asking "attack wg?, att FS? att PAC? etc etc etc. Dmg has always bee a factor but it's just been increased due to the fact more things were released that increased your dmg. Like I already stated and you even agreed with me the community was best back then. I know that but that community is gone and a pre-bb server isn't going to bring back that community. A pre-bb server isn't going to convert the new community into the old one either. Sorry to say but it isn't pre-bb that made pre-bb. It's the community that done so and unless we can go back in time that community has shipped out already. Learn to adjust to your surroundings.

Mar 2015

I have said this so many times. I actually want a pre-pirate server and they should call it MapleStory Classic. I would play that. They need to decide whether they want players like me who will play a game for 10+ years or someone who shreds through 10 games a week. Really I believe that's the real division. The hardcore gamer will put up a lot of cash very quickly and leave as quickly as they came. That leaves the company with the responsibility of attracting more players while the old hardcore gamers bad mouth the game because that's what they do about every game they no longer play. Whereas the tenured player plays/pays consistently and invites all of their friends and builds large communities and networks of friends.

@Omniscient1 that is a bit of a fallacy. Just because something has changed doesn't mean it can never be attained again. Changing this community is impossible but attracting the old community back is. I knew players that were 60+ years old playing MS pre-bb and I myself have played almost 10 years already. My point is that "MapleStory Classic" is timeless. Nexon has hosted so many different games and is even coming out with a MS2. The resources to create a MS1 Classic are non-existant. Heck, I still have a MS1 download disc from back then (the one with the mushroom and the guy with the brown hat on the disc) so I am 100% certain they still have access to all of the original files. Dragon Nest and Maplestory share a physical server already so what would be so tough to add MS1 Classic to the mix especially since the population would be less. They already have GMs that service multiple games so with such a small population they wouldn't have many costs in throwing something like that online. Updates? The old community hated the myriad of updates so even that cost would be negated. Not everyone likes to purchase the shiny new iphone (that is basically the same thing as the last 3)... know what I mean?

Mar 2015
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