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According to Spadow, there has not been any confirmed reports from reliable sources and that the hype was the product of mistranslation.

"The closed beta will be be available to Korean users. I read that a lot of people are saying MapleStory 2 will be released worldwide. My sources tell me nothing about this and I have yet to see a source where this is confirmed." - Spadow from reddit

3 12.314k Jan 2015



I think its really fun if this game global because MS dont just focus at leveling . . .Ah yeah this time please look at character balance carefully,Nexon

Jul 2015

They'll release a global (or North American) version eventually. I'd peg it for no sooner than next summer though.

Jul 2015

I just want experience MS2 so if global ver is out ,i know what to do

Jul 2015
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