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Will they deliver?

I'm sure you've all had your fond times playing MapleStory. It's an easy game to pick up with an extremely simple chat system, fun character customization and high potential ceilings. To me, this game was so much better before "pay to win" was truly implemented. When I say that, I'm referring to the addition of cubes and enhancements.

I think that if the pay to win aspect is scrapped and they put out diverse classes and are able to keep the fun character customization and chat system, this game will be huge. MapleStory WAS an amazing game for me, but slowly turned to crap. The customer service is laughable, and what, 9$ to protect an item from blowing up once? Ridiculous. I enjoyed when scrolling was the only way to better equipment, when bosses were actually a challenge (hb plz.)

Kms's cash shop style should be adapted. Items should come permanent without having the ridiculous price tags that were offered in MapleStory. Cash shop should be reserved for asthetic changes, not pure power. Cubes should be craftable, boss fights should be memorable and exciting.

The guild system should be improved to add a bigger sense of unity. Let's be honest, GPQ was great and whatnot the first time, but grew stale very quickly. A more engaging guild system would improve gameplay tenfold. We need a variety of PQs or Boss hunts to earn GP, we need to bring back the old ranking rock (the name slips my mind at the moment.) A better guild system is very easily accomplished and I hope they aim to improve it.

Personally, I quit MS a year ago. I "beat" the game, I hit 200 a few times. I came back occasionally and people with above average funds hitting 160 in a day. Whaa? Then came the 250 level cap, no way am I wasting my time on that. The end game content is so lackluster and discourages me from grinding one second more.

My hopes are that this game can be what old MS was, community-wise. Sure, old MS had a bunch of crap. Hours on hours to level, hackers roaming everywhere, getting obliterated by Stone Golems, but the community made it ridiculously fun. I actually had a sense of achievement back then.

" Oh sweet, just hit my first level 30."
"Boom, landed 3 60%s on my fish on a pole."
"GOT FREAKIN' ICIES!#[email protected]#!"

You get what I mean. Let's hope this game lives up to its potential.

I'm pretty interested in the thoughts of others, which is the primary reason I posted. Do you agree with me? What would have to be in MS2 for you to leave MS for? Anything you don't want to see in it?


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To summarize it:
*There's a new area near Kerning City. It looks like a candy land.
*Knights have better survival with their new "Iron Shield" skill
*New element skills and buffs for Wizard (Ice Strike)
*Quests give more rewards
*Boss HP bars will show more info such as debuffs etc
* New NPCs and hairstyles
*Lastly, a silhouette of new monsters

Mar 2015

The Quest window UI was changed a bit. You can click on names and it'll popup Maview of the monster/NPC/Map (depending on what it is, of course).
Users will have a hard time to attack mobs 10+ levels above theirs.
Some NPCs got remodeled

Mar 2015
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Ahhh more wizard stuff~ <3 Thank you for the forum post update

Mar 2015

I'm glad quests were buffed! Questing was one of my favorite pastimes in MapleStory 1, when I was still new to the game. It had me explore plenty of new places and see a bunch of monster that I didn't even know existed. Holy crap the memories...

Mar 2015

Any news is good news. I wish they would do a little video about their progress. Like the GM-Tips during CBT.

One of the new monsters silhouette looks like bains, or the weaker version. I forgot the name.

Mar 2015

Yeah i dont mind, once there is news about the game, im happy

Mar 2015
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[url=http://orangemushroom.net/2015/03/21/maplestory-2-patch-notes-special-issue/]Fully translated by Orangemushroom[/url]

Mar 2015
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