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Afternoon everyone. Sorry it is taking a while to come up with a decision of some art ideas for everyone, including myself. So I will just lists some and see if you guys would like it. It is not guaranteed that I will be able to create some art for the site, so I hope you all can appreciate the fact that I 'am trying my best.
-For starters, what do you guys like as for as Maplestory art? Do you like special creative logos? Or maybe Maplestory pets such as Blackheart or Slimes?
-Do you like flashy things such as a character ,(made up one), who charges up for an attack while looking at the site, or away from it?
Like I have said in other forums, the possibilities for things are endless, I just need you guy's,( and Gals), support on this. Thank you for your time, and I hope I have not wasted it.

2 1005 Jul 2014



I'll be playing as a priest, and generally trying to push through the game as fast as functionally possible.

Schedule: (all times in EST):

Today (May 1st): When it finishes downloading - 2AM
May 2nd-3rd: As much as possible. All day
May 4-8: 8-12pm
May 9-10: as much as possible...again.

You can find me over at Twitch

hope to see you there!


May 2015

I'll keep an eye on you, I'd love to see some Priest gameplay!

May 2015
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