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Morning everyone. This thread mainly talks about what you think the difficulty of Maplestory 2 should be, and do you think the grinding system should be in it as well. Most mmorpg's consist of medium difficulty and a grinding feature. What I mean by grinding is the basics, farming equipment, blueprints, etc. But, do we really need that kind of feature? An example is "Warframe", you grind for blueprints and equipment you need, you grind for in game currency and kill mobs and bosses. (Done, now what?) Now what? Oh, you do it again, and again, and again, and again, until you realize, hey, I'm actually bored. (Some players that is, for those who don't mind grinding, that's not for you). What I want is a game that not alone gives you enemies to fight, but give me enemies that require "skill" to defeat. I don't want to be a level 150 player, who can just quickly dispose of any mob. No, give me a challenge. Give me mobs that are as hard to kill as I am. Don't get me wrong, I do want the grinding section, but I don't want it to be overdone to the point of the whole game being all but about grind. Let me know your thoughts on the idea. Thanks for the post and replies as always,

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Joined, so pumped. I wish the game would come out during the summer but its looking more realistically during winter or early 2016.

May 2015
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Joined, and I know what you mean Kattt, it sucks to know that it's gonna take so long.

May 2015
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