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Since this is a 3-D game and I read something about when fighting with bosses you may actually use surroundings as advantage, are there gonna be any advantages in the surroundings? i.e.: Ranges/Arches have a height advantages when on top hills, I can't really think of any other for other classes but the game may have.
I quote this from the Bosses Section "Prepare for a new level of interaction in MapleStory2. Bosses will crush the ground beneath you, send you soaring into the sky and destroy the environment around you. But this new element goes both ways - climb atop bosses and use your surroundings along with your party to topple these ferocious bosses."

13 1229 Jan 2015



The patch begins around 3am and lasts until 2pm Korean time on July 30th. So please be patient with the new patch~

Let's enjoy an even better maple experience when lvl 40 is open to us all~ Happy gaming~

Jul 2015

will also be downloading win 10 0: so much downloading in the next 2 days

Jul 2015

are there any other updates worth mentioning aside from level cap?

Jul 2015

Patch will start the 30th at 3:00am (Korean Time) and will end 2:00PM (Korean Time). That's right, it appears the servers will be down from 3:00am-2:00pm (11h server lock). So.. yeah

Jul 2015

There are new skills, opened maps, new pq, and i think new bosses too~

Jul 2015

Wow so we get a lot more news~
All jobs are getting buff skills and some good attacks too.
We get an additional 4 class skills for lvl 32, 34, 36, and 40.

I just picked out some skills not all just by their names and possible abilities.

-Knights are getting more effective defense skills.
-Berserkers get attack moves/buffs skills like earthquake and a something called berserker's soul maybe that's HB?
-Wizard has more elemental skills with lighting and fire. Plus buffs finally. xD
-Priests get their heal on!, holy symbol and good buff skills.
-Rangers are getting their eagle trained! lol and sharp eyes ~
-Heavy Gunners are getting some more bomb attack skills and reloading skills.
-Thieves are getting nimble body, haste, and some cool attack skills.
-Assassins are getting Keen eyes, some more star attack skills, and buffs.

The new elite bosses. (need more boss name translation >-&gt
-Zombie meoswimam (LV.32)
-Gas teompi (LV.34)
-King Slime (LV.35)
-Agate (LV.37)
-Wind magician Rapaeng (LV.38)
-Ur Panda (LV.40)
-Sohwansulsa ratun (LV.40)

The new bosses.
Loro moose with radishes (LV.32)(this name lol)
Enkhbayar guard (LV.35)
Alpha Turtle (LV.37)
North allergic (LV.40)
Wrath of bapometeu (LV.40)

The new PQ's.
(4 ppl)
- Underground palace kidnapping (LV.33), Chained protection of life (LV.38)
- You must acquire an Elixir from the treasure chest of the dungeon enchantment protection of life(pre-quest?).

(10 ppl)
- Forest of Chaos (LV.35), Horus's Nest (LV.39), Executive Nikkor (LV.40), Captain of the moon Fort (LV.40), Rudy probe Liam Clock Tower (LV.40)

-Clock tower looks alot like Ludi.

Also guild vs guild updates:
-Biggest one is you have to be in a guild at least 48 hours before entering GVG!
-It starts August 8th to the 16th.

More trophies are added~

More hairstyles and makeup are added!~ 5 more hairs-styles for each gender and 5 more makeup. Also 5 new faces for each gender~

Black Market has been updated:
-Easier to look through pages of item listings.
-Bundle of items display a unit price.

New merit updates
-For designer ppl who have sold up to 100,000 merits your items won't disappear or have a sold out mark on their item.
-Easier to search for items.

Good updates:
-Channel move number command
-You can talk to npc on a ladder or rope.

There is a lot to the list but I pointed out the ones I think are pretty important. Only concerned about guild slots. *~*

Jul 2015

Been asking my other Korean friends and they don't know the feature. I think nexon hasn't completed these additions yet as well as the npc feature unfortunately.

Aug 2015

I can't wait to have chests/storage implemented o.o

Aug 2015

Yes that would be a life saver~! Someway to get more slots or anything really~ I already filled out all my mules lol~

Aug 2015
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