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I've been watching some of the CBT videos, mainly from Onion's channel, and a few thoughts came to mind.
The combat system seems... a little too simple to me.

Mainly, what I'm trying to get at is that (from the videos at least), I just see the players rush up onto a platform, spam one or two of their (auto-targeted) offensive skills, tank all the damage to their face, gulp down a health potion and continue on to the next platform. And this continues on until the player either achieves his goal or gets bored of it (eventually) and leaves.

Now, I'd like to point out that this problem had been prevalent ever since the beginning of the MS franchise, with MS1. But with the limited dimensions, the combat system couldn't be varied much more than just sitting in a corner and shooting endlessly at your opponents.
But MS2 has that potential. With the rise of MS2 as a 3D game, defensive tactics like manual shielding (for warriors, of course), and dodging would seem much more relevant in

Therefore, to force players to utilize that particular aspect, I'd suggest that:

1. Player health be reduced / Mob damage be increased drastically to force the players to rely on other methods instead of taking all the punches.
2. Auto targeted attacks (for mobs and bosses) be replaced with more attacks that could be predicted and avoided. Like slow moving projectile attacks or highlighting the squares which if the player stood in, he would take damage (I know these already exist... but more of them please? )
3. Implementing skills that would better improve the player's mobility, like rolling or flash jumping.
4. Implementing a split second blocking or counterattacking aspect, to emphasize on skill and reflexes to bring about a sense of accomplishment and separate the pros and the newbies.

With this, exp farming on hunting grounds would undoubtedly be much more fun and engaging, as players would be able to rely on their own tactics and reflexes in order to gain the upper hand against the mobs, as opposed to how they had done so effortlessly in the past. It would also make the game much more realistic. After all, even in a world of magic, one wouldn't be expected to take an absurd amount of hits from a monster and still be standing, in perfect shape no less, would they?

Now, I'm not in a position to make suggestions that the game devs absolutely must follow, nor do I see any others bring this subject up at all.... but I'd like to know your opinions on it.

Please and thank you

906 Feb 2015

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