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Hello there Maplers,
since MapleStory2 is release i have seen so many double posts that i decided to make one post answering all the Questions.

Q: Can I play MapleStory2 with an unverified Account?
A: No, you can't yet since with the verification you make sure that you "live" in Korea so you will not be able to bypass that.
But you can buy verified Accounts for 11$ on ( Comproduct ) / ( Comverifiedmaplestorynexonkoreanaccount )

Q: Do I need a VPN to play MapleStory2?
A: No, you don't there is no risk at getting banned if you don't use a VPN as long as you don't share a Account.

Q: Why does the update take so long?
A: This is probably because you aren't located in Korea. This means that your ping is high and the download speed low as-well as many are updating at the moment.

Q: Why am I stuck in Maple-Island?
A: This happened to me twice and is probably because of the high ping/Server Maintenance they made. Just restart the Game and everything should be fine.

Q: Why did my Level/EXP reset?
A: This is because of the Server Maintenance during the last hours. You have to do all again.

Q: Where is the PlayButton?
A: Its on the main MapleStory2 Website ( Nexon ). Just click the image with the girl and the 2 birds on the yellow background.

Hope this helps those of you who had problems during the first day of release.
If you still have Questions about something i did not cover feel free to ask them here or write me a personal message.


1560 Jul 2015

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