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I've played maplstory since it came out basically, to put into perspective, i was around when Fangblade hit 200, but know that the amount of classes has skyrocketed from the original 4 all i have wanted was to be able to experience it again. I dont mean for this to be a rant, just saying that i'd rather have a handfull of classes then 20+.

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im searching for somebody to play CBT2 with as playing alone is pretty boring, especially when not able reading the korean language.
I've been playing CBT1 already even though it was pretty weird not even being able to guess what the NPC's say.
I prefer talking over skype, my spoken english is pretty good.
Also im able to speak german as im studying here.

Timezome is GMT+1 (Berlin)

So if anyone has interest in playing with me and gets to be chosen for the 2nd CBT aswell, just pm me or write in this topic.


Edit: About the title, actually i wrote "L> Cbt2 Partner english /german" but it somewhy wrote "Lgt" instead of "L>".

Apr 2015

Id be welcome to join you if my account gets selected.

Apr 2015

This sounds like a good idea, I myself cant understand korean. If i get into Final CBT, ill messege you my skype name.

Apr 2015

Glad to hear you're interested. Good luck on getting in. we could even play as all 3 together. i guess that would be really funny

Apr 2015

If i get accepted, i might try to add you guys (if my PC isn't lagging)

Also if i get in I'll probably also be playing with people like onion/oracle-senpai

ayyy lmao oracle le new channel onion

Also i don't know korean either, but i hope it's not that hard to do things.

Apr 2015
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