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Stuff came up and I probably won't make the guild anymore, but do feel free to add me when the game launches. I'll be happy to answer any questions. You can also PM me here or in-game.

5 1242 Jul 2015



Let's be real, the most important thing we want to know is if there will be our beloved f1, f2, f3, etc. faces.

Jan 2015

I don't think so but they have other emotes which are similar or even better. They should bring those type of faces back in MS2 though at least the f3 since that's the most used one.

Jan 2015

We could also make custom masks that resemble those faces, heh.

Jan 2015
Menohh avatar

All of the emotes are classic to MapleStory, but I wouldn't really be upset if they chose not to bring them back into MapleStory2. I think it'll be a good thing if they stray away from MapleStory a bit.

Jan 2015
Stellaria avatar

They got some pretty good emotions in MS2. If you look up videos you will see them, they are cool They are so adorable

Jan 2015
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