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With the game getting closer, realistically what do you guys anticipate the level cap being? In game monsters currently max out at level 50, would that mean that ms2 would cap us at that level as well? Or do you think there's more room for other monsters that are higher leveled that nexon hasn't shown to us yet..

Previously a papulatus boss battle was posted and was recognized as a level 40 boss. Hmm.. as well level 40's were sent in to combat one of the toughest bosses in the game. It's just hard to predict what the level cap is going to be with a end game boss being at level 40 ya know?.. anyway with this in mind I predict that nexon is probably going to cap character levels around 50-60.. considering max monster cap currently is level 50 (in the shadow world and such)..

I would hope that when they release the game it's expanded from cbt and what not. I would hope that max level is atleast 70-80 with personally level 100 being ideal, giving more distinction among characters as well as adding difficulty and skills ... However with what we are given so far it's really hard to tell.

What do you guys think?

1267 Jun 2015

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