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I want to know why people choose the characters they choose. So in addition to your vote could you please explain why you chose what you chose?

EDIT: I would put mobility oriented skills under "Flashy". The ability to survive could constitute as "being ranged just so you are out of reach", wanting high HP/DEF, or even high avoid-ability. Of course simply wanting them doesn't make you care about survive-ability the most but choosing them almost exclusively because of those abilities, does.

2 2 2076 Feb 2015



Hi all. I play MS2 and my id is Riuk.
Today I launched the game that got a small patch (32 MB) and it is in korean (I followed the instrucions for english patch). Can you help me? thx
If you want add my on skype. Riku118 (skype id)

Mar 2016
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