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10. Sudden Attack

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Sooo yeee i haven't kept up on the maplestory 2. Yes i know how disappointing.... soo is maplestory 2 coming out anytime time soon or do we have to wait longer ):

Jan 2015

Should be sooner than later, we dont know exact date but what you have missed is that Korea has finished Alpha testing. You can look at Ms2 alpha gameplay online, game is pretty much complete. January Korea is having a very short 4 day Closed Beta just to confirm all is in order. Shortyl after Closed Beta in Jan we can expect Korea to launch open beta (My guess would be some time in Feb-April)... soooooo yeah we are hoping to get it at the same time for the rest of the world but nothing official yet, even if we don't get it at same time we will probably get it a couple months after. There is also rumors of a World wide official release for the game, but no specific details on when the full game will officially launch. (Depends how long they want to stay in open beta for.) So My estimate would be Mid 2015 we should see the full game here in North America, but we should have open beta before then which is good enough for now

Jan 2015
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