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What features do you believe belong in a player matching system? I have heard many players complaining about not being able to find a party or guild that they like. Often, if they do find one it is too strict or requires them to log on at specific times. I believe a player matching system could remedy this. We should be able to find friends, training parties, guilds, bossing expeditions, and questing groups through a search system. You have to admit that even if you were constantly in parties for training you at least did majority of your questing solo. But why?

My suggestions:
1) Allow people to not only post/search which boss they would like to fight but also when they are planning to fight it.
2) Allow people to choose friends based on when they play most often, what content they enjoy, and other game based preferences.
3) Allow people to post/search training parties based on party level range, list what time of day and for how long, and even include what the desired classes for that party are.
4) Allow people to post/search questing parties so that they can find people to do quests with. This could be based on level range, class, or even a quest in particular.
5) Allow people to register for a party quest and not wait for people to show up. Once enough people register send out a notification and allow them to accept the current party or not.

What do you guys think of my suggestions and what do you suggest?

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