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Despite having the name 'Ranger', which do you hope the class is more similar to? Bowmasters or Marksmen? Personally, I hope it's more similar to MapleStory's Bowmaster class, but I also wouldn't mind if they tried to make it something completely new and unique that isn't too much like neither MapleStory's BM or MM

14 1420 Mar 2014



Hello all! I've promised to update you guys on my stream schedule, so here I am!

Podcast covering these details and more right here

**The first stream of the Final CBT will kick off on:**
**- April 30th: 9 PM EST (1st day)**
**- May 1st - 9th: 8 PM EST**

There will be sporadic streams whenever I find free time
- I will announce any sporadic streams at least **30 minutes prior on Twitter (So please follow me on twitter)**

Hope to see you all really really soon!

Apr 2015

Can you record for YouTube too ? For those Who are busy and can't follow :c

Apr 2015

Great to see you'll be streaming again Onion! It was very nice to have a cool guy to translate for us last time. I had a blast watching and look forward to lots more fun =p

Apr 2015

You all know what's up tonight! I'll start the stream at 9 pm EST, but you are free to drop by any time you want. Just make sure it's before 11 pm for the server launch!

Apr 2015
roxyxen avatar

Just got on Twitch to watch the Live Stream! Doesn't start for another hour but, I'm still super excited~

May 2015

I could watch your stream today. It was nice but there is one thing that I dont like. Is there always the chat visible on the screen? And will it be visible on youtube? I hope not!

May 2015
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