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General, Templates, Cloak


The following link includes the templates for equipments except for the cloak. Customize them into your own creations!

3 11 4545 Jan 2015 Imgur



Hey guys, I went to the Nexon website and clicked on the game start button and believe it or not it worked.... Try it out yourself
-Thanks guys

Jul 2015


This worked for me too! I could actually login to my account and launch the game. Let's hope they remove the verification thing so that everyone can play!

Jul 2015

When I click on that button all it does is try to download the setup file again.

Edit: Nvm. Used IE instead of Chrome and it worked. Lets hope it works on Tuesday.

Jul 2015

It worked for me. I can go to my character I made a month ago and when I click the game start I get the 7/7/7 pop up

Jul 2015

It didn't work for me I got this popup: gyazo(.)com/81ee56f047ce14a7b86eb025bf58ba01

Jul 2015

I mean, even if this does work it's not going to be staying forever.

Jul 2015

yea... i think it will work only for a while until this starter pack event ends i guess... but still even for a while at least for a while. its still unfair that korea did this account rule only for koreans but who knows maybe they are planning on removing it

Jul 2015
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