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For those unfamiliar, the Shadow World is an end-game area with strong monsters, special loot/items, and open PvP.
Some things I've been wondering about the Shadow World:

- Since it's open PvP, I wonder if there are still ways to turn off friendly fire.
i) Do parties still support each other normally? Do parties exist at all? (Major disadvantage to healers if not, so I'm guessing they do?)
ii) What about fellow guild-mates; will your attacks hit them unless you are in a party? (I guess yes?)

- Assuming you can have a Shadow World Party, are loot/items shared?
(In a recent post, we saw someone get a rare mount from a Shadow World chest.. it seems that would be a lot to give a whole party.. maybe it's random what everyone would get... if it happens at all?)

- As level cap expands, will all levels be grouped together?
I heard that in Closed Beta, the monsters in Shadow World were around max lvl (35), so you had to be around that level to survive. However, in the long run, they will not likely keep raising those monster levels to the cap, so either there would need to be different level areas, like the normal world, or maybe it would group you into similar levels, e.g. 30-39, 40-49, etc... , and scale the whole dungeon to the appropriate level for each group. Maybe some other option?

- I'm guessing there will be at least one Shadow World boss. That'd be pretty neat.

If anyone has insight into some of these things, I'd love to hear! Anyone have other thoughts about unique considerations for the Shadow World?

4 2211 Feb 2015



so currently im torn.. i know i either want to play berserker or heavy gunner, but i cant decide because:
everyone seems to want to play berserkers.. i dont really want to play an extremely overpopulated class (bad experience with it)
heavy gunner is a really cool concept, but they seem weak.
if i mostly do anything, its going to be pvp. i always pvp mainly in any game.
so i guess my question to beta testers (and anyone who plans on playing)
-are heavy gunners that bad in pvp? i think i saw somewhere they were really crap tier.
-are berserkers that good in pvp?
-is ms2 going to basically be berserker story? (50% of the game being people playing berserks. i know that sounds far fetched. try playing a gunslinger on latale.)
-are heavy gunners good at tanking or high in attack (pvp question)
i really want to make my choice well before ms2 arrives so i can instantly main one. i have way too much experience playing a class that seemed cool at first then finding out its extremely garbage the farther you get into the game.
also, i really dont want the whole "depends how you fund it" i plan on spending little to no money on this game in terms of funding.

May 2015
WatchGintama avatar

- I have not seen a good HG in the shadow world PVP.
-Berserkers have high HP, strong attack, and an OP bleeding skill that does damage over time. They can steal HP from a target. If you can get a nice purple sword, you'll do lots of dmg.
-from what I've seen in KMS2, all the classes are being played. It's not only berserkers in the game.

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLnoHGDsWc4]You can see a berzerker fight here.[/url] I have more videos of pvp uploading soon.

May 2015

@WatchGintama thanks this actually helps a lot. i really wanted to play berserks but i was so scared everyone wanted to play it. plus if its op in pvp i know what im picking. thanks for the vid

May 2015

I haven't played during the CBT but from what I've seen Heavy Gunners are pretty bad in PvP. Compared to their Ranger counterparts they lack range and mobility but make up for it in AOE and CC abilities though, it doesn't really seem to impact PvP that much. They are just too slow and not nearly as defensive or sustainable as Priest/Knight. Berserkers on the other hand are pretty good, they are super sticky due to their leap ability which uses "EP" (white bar underneath HP/SP). Also, they hit pretty hard and can keep themselves alive by using their drain skill. Berserker does seem like a popular class at the moment just because most people want to play the class that looks the most OP and take advantage of that. But in the future I'm pretty sure some of the better classes will be nerfed and the ones that are lacking will be buffed.

May 2015
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