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Hi! I'm looking for some fellow Maple Story 2 players.

~ My situation (SUMERY):

Maple Story was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. And when heard of a MS2 coming up, I was ecstatic. Unfortunately the game will not be airing globally for another year (at least). So, I decided to give the Korean version a shot. Sadly I don't know Korean. Still, I decided to give it my all and try to play the game.

First obstacle; language barrier*. In my case I have a pretty decent memory, because of this I don't need to have every single mystic Korean symbol translated to me continuously. I just needed to know what each button does once or twice and I'll remember relatively ok. To be able to translate them I decided to take a screen shot every time I didn't understand a mysterious button and used an OCR software to be able to convert it to text and use Google Translate to well translate it to English. Unfortunately this is gonna be very exhausting for quests (A friendly Korean reading MS2 buddy will do wonders here).

Second obstacle; Friends to play with. I don't know about you guys but I personally don't enjoy playing games by myself (MMOs at least) and sadly for now I don't have many friends that want to give KMS2 a shot (they mostly prefer waiting for the global release). Therefor my reason to be here! I hope I can find some guys/gals (or maybe something else o.o) that wish to play MS2 with a group of some sort and hopefully create a Guilt/Clan of some sort.

Third obstacle; Playing the game (ACCOUNT). Unfortunately Korea seems to have some a law called; "The Shutdown Law: forbids children under the age of 16 in South Korea to play video games from 12:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M.". Now, to verify your age you need a Korean phone. Unfortunately I don't have one, neither I have a Korean Friend. Fortunately I can buy a verified account for $11 and verify my account if wished be for $16. So, I decided to test the game out for FREE and if I manage to get myself some playing buddies then I'll probably buy me a verified account.

So, I'm basically looking for people interested in playing KMS2 that read and speak English or Spanish (It would be wonders if you know Korean O.O too) that wish to team up with dedicated and friendly Maple Citizens.


Hi! I commented it in the post but I'll paste it here just in case.

NOTE: Hi! Just checked the post to see if anyone wanted to party up. Glad to see so many pumped up and friendly Maple players! For anyone that wishes to team up and conquer Maple World here is my info: ( Skype: "j.r.cancel" ) ( Razer Comms: "Joche" ) ( Steam: "Joche" ). Not sure what my MS2 ign is going to be but ill let you guys/gals know through any of the given contact info and will probably paste it here for your convenience. Please let me know when you contact me that you're from MS2 so I don't get all confused. PS: No SPAM please o.o

PSS: I'll do my best to try to contact the players who shared their Skype or a similar contact info.

NOTE: Just noticed (thanks to iBrayson that spotted it out) I wrote my skype name "Jose Cancel" instead of my skype account name "j.r.cancel" ... Just fixed it.

2251 Jul 2015

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