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After watching couple of alpha-testers videos on youtube, I can't help it but think that MS2 will be great for consoles. The graphics are not that complicated, and will not differ from PC, and playing with a controller is much better than keyboard with a small laptop screen. Do you think nexon will ever consider releasing MS2 for consoles?
Lately, there is trend for developers to release MMORPG on consoles (ex: final fantasy 14, elder scroll), and that makes me hopeful that nexon might release MS2 on console

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Which MapleStory2 Mount is your favorite so far?

Apr 2015

The Duck. It can shoot a vicious sonic wave, lethal to the ears!

Apr 2015

Clearly the Sheep mount is the best. Like imagine sitting on a giant, moving pillow?

Apr 2015

wolf mount best mount.

if i had to choose besides the wolf, i'd choose the motorcycle. :v

Apr 2015
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