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My curiosity go the best of me and I went inside a shadow cube colored purple/black. Do not attempt to go in unless you are well above lvl 40. There is a portal near the first lego piece map. Like an idiot I decided to check it out as it turns out it's a completely different map world underneath full of undead monsters. The maple story 2 world is actually split into two one being the above world and one being the underworld. My character was just lvl 10 so imagine my shock how strong the monsters were. But this place makes it a perfect place for priests later on. Please just stay above for the mean time. I had to delete that character because there was no way out of the place when the monsters keep killing me off before I can reach anywhere. It only takes one hit to die so I was frustrated for a good 15 minutes before I pulled the plug.

733 Jul 2015

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