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Sooo there's a debate on whether or not the game will be open world, instanced, or map-to-map like ms.
Well on the left of the first screenshot and the upper left of the other two screenshot there's this blue translucent cube that is placed seemingly on the end of map which tells me this is a portal in the game that leads to another map. Meaning the game is not going to be fully open worlds but either instanced or map-to-map, personally I think it's going to be the latter, what do you guys think?

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Hey guys. So my question is for those that have played the game/done plenty of research.

In most MMORPG's a healer/support class is always loved in parties. Normally I wouldn't question their value... But for the sake of covering all my bases, I want to be sure I'm correct.

I plan on playing a Priest in MS2 because I loved it originally in MS1 (Before it became pay2win). And in other games I almost always play tank/support classes.

In MS1 Priests eventually turned into HS mules. I remember my outrage when it finally registered just how worthless Priests had become. I had been in a training party leveling my Warrior and our Bishop kept using HS and jumping back on the rope until it cooled down. The party seemed to get upset with me for being upset with the Bishop for not actually fighting. His argument being 'You get Holy Symbol. This is better exp. Besides, my damage isn't that amazing'. I argued that he should be fighting anyways and not LEECHING.

Anyways. My question is this: From the information available to us, do you guys think having a Priest to party with anywhere from a 2-man party to a full party will be worth it? I know Priests in MS2 no longer have an EXP buff skill (At least from what I've learned so far. And I LOVE that.) and I heard potions have cooldowns. So it sounds to me that Priests in MS2 are finally getting back to their supporting roots. And judging from their spells I feel their damage won't be anything to scoff at either.

Lastly, and slightly unrelated to Priests but geared towards MS2 in general: Do you guys know if this will be closer to what MS1 was originally like in terms of leveling? I loved the actual work required to level. The party quests. Seeing a level 70+ in town was amazing, they clearly had been playing a long time.

I'm afraid MS2 will be more like the current state of MS1 in that anybody can power up quickly and take away the challenge and fun of leveling over time. It took years for somebody to reach the original level cap of 200. And I loved that.

-Eziekieal, MS1 Beta Player.

May 2015
Menohh avatar

From what I've been hearing and watching, the leveling isn't too awful in terms of the time that it takes. I believe Onion has mentioned that it's like a combo between Pre-BB and BB.
And yes, Priests have some nice damage-- and are going to be extremely important in any group that's running party quests or boss raids.
I have 2 Priests in my Boss/Raid composition. =) Heal and buffs will be extremely valued! But good luck against all of the other Priests in the game, 'cause you know that a whole lot of people are going to be rolling Priest.

May 2015

That's good to hear, thank you.

I usually stick in a small group of my friends so I'll be the only Priest there, haha. So no competition for me =p But I hope Priest isn't too common to see in the game! Hopefully all the other classes appeal to people.

May 2015
Menohh avatar

I have a feeling that Priests will be a pretty common class, but much needed! I'd rather have it that way.

May 2015

I know many decided to make a Priest solely for the "ease" of leveling, due to being wanted in parties/being allowed to leech back in the first Maple. I am extremely happy the EXP bonus is removed. As mentioned by @Menohh, they'll be an absolute necessity in parties, perhaps even more so than the first MapleStory since we now have potion cooldowns and use SP. While all classes do have rather decent SP rechage skills, some shine in other departments (striking mobs vs striking single target,) but that's besides the point. I believe the Priests have a skill that grants SP recovery, which will increase the overall effectiveness of the party significantly.

As for popularity, I think they'll be less popular than the first Maple, but still a rather common sight.

May 2015

I'm also thinking of making a priest as a first class since I mained it in MS1. Honestly they were never that popular as a pick up. In the early years, their training options were extremely limited and the year long grind at zombies to LV80ish was no fun at all. I basically relied on PQs now and then to get me through those times. When party play dropped with the exp curve changes, it became less fun since you're basically just an HS mule if you ever do get partied.

Honestly, I don't mind having limited training options, or sub-optimal damage output, as long as they can make up for it by giving the Priest a great kit for party play, that's all I ask for. If anything I don't think they should give priests high dps on par with other dps classes because that's not his role in the party and the people who pick up this class should never expect to dish out high dmg while still reaping the benefits of a support class.

Jun 2015
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