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I mean, considering all the stuff they've been showing, I shouldn't be dumb-founded to think that MapleStory 2 should have some few hefty customization options to make us REALLY stand out! Like, Height Sliders!

Actually, maybe they should just add Height Sliders. I don't want my Character to just be short & stout like everyone else. Well, what do you think? Are you hoping for deeper customization? It's coming, but, we can only hope for more...!

15 1168 Aug 2014



I came across this on the maplestory 2 website. It looks important but I don't know what it means, is there anyone that understands this: Nexon

Jun 2015

I have no idea, but you can see Papulatus in one of the pictures! AHH! We need to find someone who can translate this STAT!

Jun 2015

Part 1: Launching Show case [ 1:30 - 2:00 pm KST]
point 1: July open information
point 2: Information about July and august update
point 3: Cinematic 3D full version

these videos can be viewed on [ Nexon ]

Part 2: In game festival [ 2:00 - 4:00 pm KST ]
- Everyone can go into festival server for this event
point 1: Become level 40 after finishing simple tutorial
point 2: Experience level 40 contents such as party dungeon/ field boss/ dungeon boss/ skills
point 3: Give out free meso and merit with lotus walkie talkie, try out various features !

You must make a new character in festival server
The character that was created for the festival will be deleted after the event
Only one character can be created during the event ( However the pre-existing character can be deleted to make a new one)
Please convert KST time to your local time, again, the event starts at June 27th 1:00 pm KST

This translation is from Pluvio (IGN: Lavi). I know her very closely so I had to ask her if I could use this translation.

Jun 2015

omg thanks a lot silence, this means that we can actually play?

Jun 2015

Your welcome. Also, yes that means we can play during this festival event. As level 40 character.

Jun 2015

@abrah 27/6 as mentioned

There seems to be a patch update on the 25th of June.

After the patching, the festival server appeared on the login screen.

Jun 2015

Game will be playable on the 27th, for just a 2 hour trial period of late game content, on an event server. I believe all characters are level 40; then will be deleted along with the server after the event ends. At the least, it's a perfect opportunity for us to see how bad the lag will be from NA

Jun 2015

Thank goodness my country is very close to South Korea, we're only an hour behind them.

Jun 2015

Did anyone with an unverified account get to play in the festival maple story 2

Jun 2015

Yes, i could play the entire 2 hours. Just the lag was really bad.

Jun 2015

The game was a bit choppy FPSwise, but I think that was more due to poor optimization. I was very surprsied how low my ping was, playing from west coast America. I was a bit worried that bossing would be impossible to survive due to fast mechanics, but I never felt like it was a problem.

Jun 2015

lol trust nexon to have poor optimisation.

take a look at maplestory 1's minimum required specs over the years hahaha

Jun 2015
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