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Does anyone know where I can find all the default templates with no designs on them? Thank you

6 1704 Feb 2015



� The company which introduced maids to Maple World, has unveiled their new male maid! (that's from Orange Mushroom's Blog)
Never heard about that...what maids can do in ms2 ? What type of pnj are they?

Btw here's a video link of the red duel : Youtube

Priest are Unbeatable In 1v1 x.x

Apr 2015

Well, I don't think there's information on the maid corporationsystem, but in one of Onion's streams he had shown us a maid he got within buying the apartment, you could click on her and have options..I don't really remember u_u;

@ Red duel Wow that looks amazing.

Apr 2015

Just look for onion's streams..I think it's the finale day.

Apr 2015
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