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Anyone think it has a really Diablo-Esque feel to it? I certainly do! Characters pause after every move, you're real active during combat, if not anything, it's a perfect fit for MapleStory2! I really couldn't imagine Tab-Targeting being in this game, that'd down right frickin' KILL IT. I dunno, seems cool! What do you people think? If it's not congruent to my case.. then I perfectly allow that.

8 1538 Dec 2014


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Starting with the livestream, and then the actual game launches at 2PM KST (30 minutes)

Jun 2015

Wish I could play but game is still updating

Jun 2015

I stayed awake till 11 am on the morning just to play this I started playing at 9am it was so greaking awesome but I wasted an hour searching for a sword and buying clothes for my character and changing hair stylist so my character Wouk be cute but I still started playing for real in the last 30 min

Jun 2015
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