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Hi all,

I'm curious how you're all finding the game to be. In particular, are you finding that there's a lot to do other than grind? I remember when MS1 started that was about it, but since then, the game has so much going on (PQ's, boss runs / solos, tons of quests, crafting, etc). Does MS2 similarly keep you busy with things to do other than grind?

4 1146 Sep 2015



Despite having the name 'Ranger', which do you hope the class is more similar to? Bowmasters or Marksmen? Personally, I hope it's more similar to MapleStory's Bowmaster class, but I also wouldn't mind if they tried to make it something completely new and unique that isn't too much like neither MapleStory's BM or MM

Mar 2014

I think it will be like the bowmaster.
1. THe art work as of now shows it holding a bow, not a crossbow.
2. I think bows are more quicker than crossbows, and the name ranger reminds me of a quick sharpshooting class.
I do not think the ranger will be as strong as the warrior or mage, but I see it having a great potential at avoiding attacks.

Mar 2014

I don't think there should be a difference.. Separating crossbowman and a bowmaster class was stupid to begin with. Hopefully, they allow the same class to wield either weapon just like dark knights could wield a spear or a polearm.

Jan 2015
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