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I know that ms2 will have dungeons and player made dungeons and whatnot. But what about the party quests? I don't see anyone talking about them so I am a little confused here. Are dungeons and party quests the same or someone tell me please..?

13 2219 Jan 2015


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Hi all, hope you're well.

I've been informed that custom mods will be sellable in-game. Given such a feature, it's clear that watermarks are critical to protecting people's artwork. However, I see that the watermarks used by custom modders are quite inconsistent and feel we should fix that.

To those of you that do custom mods or intend to get into it - would you be open to letting us watermark your images with a MS2.tv watermark instead of doing your own? It would be a sufficiently opaque text mark placed on top of each custom mod. The benefit is ours requires no extra work from you (watermarking would happen when you upload a non-watermarked mod to the site) and all mods would be watermarked consistently. Let me know what you think.

Vote below. Thanks

Apr 2015

I voted for standardized ones, because I think it would look a lot better if they all had similar watermarks. But, I feel like it would be best if we could put our name on the watermark instead of it saying MS2.tv. So it would still be standardized, but still custom.

Apr 2015

I would need to see the standard, but this is a much better idea than no watermarks at all!

Apr 2015

I would like to see the standard ones. I like to use my own watermarks, if the MS2.tv watermark isn't really touching the clothing, it's really easy to edit it out and claim it as their own custom.

Apr 2015
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I should watermark my stuff but I don't really care about my designs. But I'm okay with a standard MS2.tv watermark.

Apr 2015

I'd prefer to add my own watermark, but I can't work out how to vote on polls on this site.

Apr 2015
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If I ever did create anything, I would probably prefer standardized watermarks. I'm not the type to really care about people stealing my designs.

Apr 2015
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[url=http://www.maplestory2.tv/images/watermark.png]Here is the watermark[/url] I had in mind. I feel it strikes a good balance of covering the design while not getting in the way. Feel free to copy/layer onto your design and tell me what you think.

Apr 2015

@Stellaria A watermark is something you put over your own content so that noone can take it and claim it as their own. It's the thing that people overlay on top of their actual art.

Apr 2015
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